On Monday, I mentioned how the universe liked to drop the occasional subject into my lap, sparing me the time and effort to come up with a new topic.I didn’t exactly expect the same thing to happen again quite so soon, but Reddit apparently saw fit to provide me with a story about open relationships and dating that’s so perfectly crafted and ironic that it’s practically an O. In case you missed it, a gentleman posted the (now deleted) story of how he pressured his girlfriend into an open relationship to the the site’s Relationship subreddit.

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I ended up singing [sic] up to a sex-themed website (fetlife.com).

This is NOT a dating website, I wasn’t planning to cheat when I signed up, it’s more a social network and I was mainly interested in looking at pictures posted there.

Of course, it’s kind of hard to buy this when Fetlife is rather explicitly about getting kinky people together. But over the course of joining Fetlife “for the pictures” – which is the Internet equivalent of saying you only read Hustler for the articles – Romeo found that there were dozens of hot women all apparently interested in getting to know him better!

And more importantly: they were hotter (read: thinner) than his girlfriend.

Not meaning offense to my girlfriend, but she’s a big girl (had been since I dated her though so I didn’t feel it was my place to say anything) and while I enjoyed her body, I can’t deny that the draw of all the hotter women on the website who were seemingly interested in me was too much and I was feeling more and more disconnected from my relationship with this gaping hole in my needs not being met.

I still loved my girlfriend and she fulfilled me emotionally, but physically my desires were completely elsewhere.

Eventually I realised that the best thing for me to do would be to open up the relationship or break up with my girlfriend.

Now as tempting as it is just to sit back and laugh at this guy and how his sense of entitlement backfired on him and appreciate it as a case of “be careful what you wish for” – and I will – this is actually something of a perfect storm of bad decisions.

In fact, it went The story begins rather prosaically – while the anonymous poster was theoretically happy in his two+ year relationship, he’d begun to chafe at the restrictions of sexual exclusivity.