If these testimonials are found to be false or even misleading these companies could face crushing civil and perhaps even criminal penalties.There are a lot of wags on the internet who bash Anastasia.We address those issues in our Anastasia Review, but check out the testimonials from the happy couple's whose marriages stated at Anastasia.

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You can see that the women are incredible and money is probably not the problem. Well, let's look at the best evidence about the success of international marriages.

First, let's check out the testimonials from guys who have actually decided to pursue a foreign bride.

These testimonials are no joke, because the Feds really have cracked down on false or misleading testimonials on websites.

None of these companies would have testimonials up if they were not certain they could defend them to the Federal Trade Commission.

There are literally hundreds dating back to 2002 and the fulfillment and happiness that radiates from many is impossible to ignore.

For instance, one Omer from Turkey says, And comments like these go on for pages and pages.

A Foreign Affair has tons of testimonials too and they follow the same theme.

Read some of these testimonials and look at the photos of the happy couples. Scholes conducted a study as part of a feminist driven investigation into the mail order bride industry by the United States Congress.

You are probably just as smart and wealthy as most of these guys. You would never know it from the mainstream media, but nearly every serious researcher who has studied the marriages that start on international dating site has determined that the marriages actually are more durable and longer lasting than most other marriages in the United States or the European Union. His backers expected him to uncover widespread abuse or at least an overwhelming majority of sham marriages that ended in divorce.

I've never met you, but I bet you are even better looking than most of these guys. However, he found that, He buried that line in an appendix, but you can read it here. Lisa Simon admits that when she started the research for her dissertation from the University of Denver that she was an avowed feminist who believed the worst mainstream media stereotypes about international dating agencies and the marriages that they helped start, but after conducting two years of research and personally interviewing many foreign brides her attitude had completely transformed.

In fact, on page 161 she wrote, Much previous theorizing on international matchmaking began with the assumption that those involved are socially inept, victims of sexism and racism, or criminals out to defraud immigration officials.