To see what I mean, you can check out the World Deadlift Championship on July 9th where at least two of my favorite strongman competitors will attempt to lift 500 kg. Remember that a weightlifting belt is designed to protect the back by adding abdominal support and helping to stabilize the whole area.

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Free yourself from comparing your fitness level to athletes who are pharmaceutically enhanced. I cringe when I see people doing lunges in the gym wearing running shoes.

Free yourself from comparing your body to fitness models who have been professionally lighted and airbrushed. In addition, running shoes have zero, zilch, nada lateral support.

FYI as far as running techniques go, this is mechanically incorrect and very dangerous.

Most of them have built up cushioned heels for when your heel strikes the asphalt.

Remember, running shoes are designed to propel you forward.

This favors center of gravity, so as you lift, you will not be leaning forward (ouch! ) or to the sides (my back hurts just thinking about it . If you are doing squats, lunges and leg press, for example, you want a shoe that has lateral support and has a flat sole. I can’t tell you how many times I see people exercising in running shoes just because it has a big swoosh on the side. Lastly, the lifter performs a deadlift while standing in the middle of the hexagon-shaped bar. To learn more or view other auction items, go to WPT Auction. If you’re going to play basketball, wear basketball shoes. It doesn’t need to be a cross trainer unless you plan on doing a lot of ploymetrics and/or running around on artificial grass. The grips are in a neutral position which, for many people, is more comfortable than pronated or supinated. I donated a package of 5 Personal Training Sessions in the Sports & Recreation Category. The auction begins Wednesday June 1st and concludes on the 5th. So what type of shoes should you wear when you go to the gym to lift, do some cardio and stretch? Something that gives support, is lightweight and breathes. One of my clients uses a Hex Trap Bar in the fitness room of his office building. It offers three grip choices depending on the size of your hand. Just be sure to use weight plate clamps or collars so the weights do not slide off the bar while you’re exercising. Then check out WPT’s 41st Annual Auction on Friday June 3rd from 7pm to 12am. You can bid online or over the phone (608)263-9985. We’re focusing on strengthening our core, increasing flexibility and improving technique. Deadlifting can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, stretch cords, rubber tubing, a medicine ball, or just using your bodyweight. How would you like to support public television and get a great deal on my personal training sessions? When we mortals lift, typically we are not stressing every body part to the point of tearing itself.