First and foremost, a married man symbolizes a certain stability status.They represent a small amount of people who are able to give a continuous support. When a guy just got engaged or married, he became more handsome and attractive for the single ladies. This happens because the man has proved himself to be worth the effort. Another thing that always happens is how easy people to blame the women involved in married affairs.A woman who is dating a married man, for whatever reason, becomes an easy target for bullies.

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After all, it’s always easier to blame the third person instead of look inside and tries to find what’s wrong with the relationship. When the marriage is still new and they can’t let go their single status?

Or is it happens way much later after many years of marriage when second puberty hits and all that?

Here’s the thing, it could happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

That’s one of the questions that many people are dying to know. First thing is that you and all of us should remember is not easily judge these people as harlots.

Have people become that liberal and put lower value to the holy matrimony?

They have their own reason to do what they’re doing.

Because Good Guys Are Taken There could be many reasons on why women looking for married men.

PARIS - France has often had a reputation for taking a laissez-faire attitude to extra-marital affairs ‒ most famously symbolised by President Mitterrand's funeral, where his wife and mistress stood side by side.

Figures suggest the French are no less faithful than other nations ‒ but the stereotype persists.