And even if you're just looking around at the busy room, the worst of him may assume you're checking out that R-Patz look-a-like a few booths over.

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We've all been there — you thought the date went perfectly, he acts fine the whole time, and afterwards, you wait for him to call and...zilch.

The sudden blow-off could be because you ended up being different than you were when he first asked you out.

Even if it's as small as sucking down a few too many cocktails when you may have told him you 'don't drink much,' he'll wonder if he sized you up all wrong in the first place.

Guys feel like on the first date more than ever, there's insane pressure to really wow a girl.

So he worries that his competition — aka every other hot guy in the room — could steal your attention.

"He has no way of knowing whether you're a serious dater or if you're just looking for a casual fling," Nakamoto says.

He'll watch for signs, like whether or not your eyes stay focused on him or if they wander throughout the date.

Doubting his own judgment isn't a comfortable feeling—it's something every guy dreads.

— you don't want to be different from how you're advertised.