Just think of all the photos of your family functions and how stunning they would be as a Video Scrapbook Memory: Birthday * Engagement * Wedding Shower * Wedding * Anniversary * Graduation * Baby Shower * Pregnancy – New Baby * Bar Mitzvah * Vacation * Mother’s Day * Father’s Day * Reunion * Party * Church Groups / Events * Social Groups / Events * School Groups and Activities * Club Events * New Pet * Remembering a Pet * Remembering a departed loved one * Valentines Day * Easter * Fourth of July * Halloween * Thanksgiving * Christmas * Chanukah * Retirement * Building a Home * Personal Achievement * Business or Professional Achievement * Sports Activities of Children (Soccer, Basketball, Little League, Etc.) * Adult Sports (Softball, Bowling, Hiking, Etc.) In fact anything that can be celebrated on film is worthy of a refreshing video arrangement.Don’t you have some old photos that you would like to bring out and celebrate and share once again?You can incorporate anything that can be produced in a digital image into the video–from newspaper clippings to handwritten notes.

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Imagine all the possibilities for telling your story.

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Would you like to give a unique and memorable gift to a cherished loved one? We believe the best gifts are not found in objects but in those things that help us celebrate the good times, that bring people together again, and that cause us to delight in beautiful memories.

A video compilation of your favorite pictures and images set to stylish music can do just that.

A gift of “pictures from the heart” compiled in a personalized video creation is one gift that will be remembered and cherished forever.There is nothing better than revisiting our best times with a takes those still images, newspaper clippings, poems, cards, etc, from your scrapbooks and photo albums and gives them new life through the power of video and audio.These video compilations will become treasured keepsakes for you and your family members.Take a look at this example: These videos make great gifts.Any photos that you have can be turned into a stunning personalized “movie.” You can tell a personal STORY with pictures, video clips, words and music.And who doesn’t love a good story, especially when he or she is the star of that story?