Consumers may purchase parts from their local dealer which can be identified by using the dealer locator at: Tecumseh/Lauson/LCT Service Dealer Locator {restrict} Dealers can get the newest LCT Engine Parts Information from the following link: LCT Service Parts Catalog Tecumseh Power electronic parts lookup libraries are available to dealers through Snap-on Business Solutions and through Part a retail-only website offering parts lookup to the public that you may find helpful.

To get into the secure system, go to enter your current Tecumseh Power dealer number and the password: Lauson, which will allow you to access the system.

After you are in the system, you can continue to use that Lauson password or create your own.

The warranty reimbursement rate will continue at standard dealer level regardless of the brand you are repairing; Lauson, LCT or Tecumseh Power.

Please be aware that Legacy engines, those previously produced by Tecumseh Power, will continue to be filed through the paper OPEESA-157 claim process.

Carburetors Warranty Policy: As you are aware, the industry faces many challenges with today's reformulated fuels that require customers to take additional steps regarding storage and maintenance of their equipment.

Based on evaluations of carburetors replaced under warranty, we have found many of them do not have defects in workmanship or quality, however, the damage was the result of improper storage or bad fuel.

Therefore, effective on the date of this letter, we will be requiring a completed copy of the Carburetor Warranty Replacement Form returned with the warranty claim and the carburetor for warranty processing.

Failure to follow this process will delay the warranty payment to your company.

Special Note: Please be advised that Tecumseh dealers can no longer file warranty claims online at the old Tecumseh website.