Most likely, he will end up getting married to a girl from his village whose mom met him at the local Arabic church at an event where , lamb and rice, was served.There are pluses, George knows a lot more about Baseball and Football than he knows about political parties in Lebanon.

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Obviously, there are more than 13 types of Arab men, and those are the ones that you ought to find (please read my post 7 Arab guys you should marry).

This post is not meant to cock block anyone, but to help their prey navigate the field.

Its like a manual for every woman or gay man in a major metropolitan area. (Yes, there is a list of 13 Arab Women Not to date).

He works out a lot, but never does cardio; the beer belly is a trademark, but the upper body strength enables unlimited shisha-hogging.

He does own his own place, but it is only three blocks from his parents’.

He does have few female friends, but a lot more male friends and dudes who like to play tarneeb or poker with while sipping the latest energy drink fad.

George does not know what he really wants in a woman and thus he will never be at peace with himself or whoever he dates.

In general all men are created equally, but there are some your Mom prefers you marry.

Male Arabs, Asians, Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics are all the same straight or gay.

They just want to get some with as little commitment as possible and won’t let their dignity interfere.

Please let us know who is on your list, here is ours’. Macho on steroids; hairy as hell and sweet as Georgia tea.