Dress Code for speed dating: Smart casual: for men dress trousers or jeans, a shirt (tie optional), leather loafers or dressy slip-ons; for women – a skirt (long or short), a blouse or turtleneck, mid-heel shoes.

Dating in nightclubs video

Find someone who will return your glances, even if just for a few seconds at a time and once you have caught her eye a couple of times, smile.

If she returns your smile, you are in a good position to approach her.

Walk towards the woman you have exchanged smiles with and as you approach her, say hello.

If she responds in a friendly manner, start to make conversation.

Do not open with a compliment or offering to buy her a drink.

Start with a comment about the club or music; since you are both in the same place, you immediately have that in common.

Give your opinions honestly, but remember that people respond better to positive than negative attitudes, so find something positive to talk about -- unless the music truly is diabolical, in which case make sure any negative comments are light-hearted.

However, some simple guidelines can help you make a comfortable introduction to someone you want to meet in a nightclub.

Dress well, in clean, smart clothes that are appropriate to the club venue.