Full Text: ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms Timeline' Highlighting Submissions & Responses, Government of India.

Human Rights are the foundation of freedom, justice and peace, and are the basic standards without which people cannot live a life of dignity.

Discrimination is an abuse which prevents people from enjoying their basic human rights, and thus undermining the very concept of a universal right.

The ‘International Law' is fairly clear that the governments have a duty of ratifying human rights treaties and mechanisms, focused on the recognition of victims’ rights and dignity; their protection and promotion is the first responsibility of States, in doing so, commit to meeting certain human rights obligations of the states.

Unlike all other regions, the establishment of regional inter-governmental Human Rights mechanisms, to date, a mechanism to enable individuals to seek redress, has not been created between India and its neighbouring countries.

'The Rights of Decree Holders or Judgment Creditors': "The Supreme Court of India has recently been observed that the Decree Holders must enjoy the fruits of the decree obtained by them in an expeditious manner.

The Bench has noted the unscrupulous tactics used by Judgment Debtors to evade the process of law and eventually frustrate the entire efforts of a Decree Holder in getting the decree executed".

The 'Ruling regime of United Arab Emirates (UAE), as a Wilful Defaulter', was absolutely unique and unequaled example of what the 'Supreme Court Of India' has said.

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Attribution of Conduct to a State The Authoritarian Regime does not deserve respect Foreign Office ministers continue to give UAE a cover of respectability the authoritarian regime does not deserve.