I consider myself a fairly skilled Google-er (thanks, J-school! A first name, age, and current city or school is often more than enough for me to track someone down.

With online and app dating becoming just as standard as meeting someone in a bar, the Internet is practically a necessary third party in romance.

Doing a quick Google or Facebook search of someone’s name even before a first date has become .

A friend sending a link to the Instagram feed or Linked In profile of a prospective suitor doesn’t even raise an eyebrow anymore.

According to the Pew Research Center, 74% of “online adults” use some sort of social networking site and we’re using them to constantly vet each other, even if in-person contact will never happen.

Social media lets us see another side to the people we know and gives us a little insight into where we can connect with people we don’t know well.

But, it has its downsides, too, like when you come across pictures of a date looking completely in love with their ex.How many of us have looked longingly at an Instagram feed, wondering if we could ever really fit into that life?So, imagine my surprise when I began dating someone in December with essentially no online presence.His one footprint is a Facebook page sporting a years-old profile picture. I met James the old-fashioned way: I swiped right while drinking with friends.He was 11 years older than me, but I wasn’t too worried about our age gap.After a successful first outing, I did what any young woman my age is wont to do — I Googled him.