and already We were making ready ourselves to get married this year and I was very happy and absolutely ready to marry him.this breakup started when he went a little far from the city where I live, …If he shows that he really does love you that is when you gets on his knee and asks to marry you think about all of the things you did in the past and decide yes our no ANSWER: No one is ready for marriage because they never been married before.

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Tell her, but then back up those words by showing her.

Nothing major or elabor…Yes it is quite possible for a guy to be attracted to you if he doesn't seem nervous around you because some guys are experienced and they don't show their emotions all the time because they aren't sure if the girl's attracted to them.

They don't want to embarrass themselves and they don't want the …After i and my lover spent about 6 years together, my boyfriend told me that we can not be together.

The best way I can describe it is dealing with a addiction, like crack: you can get enough to satisfy yourself, but to meet the satisfaction the next time usually requires more. Do they seem interested in your conversations (no matter of stupid they are?

) Does the person always want to spend time with you and never tries to let you down?

Does s/he express her feelings in cer…Saying You Love Her: Here is advice from Wiki s Contributors: Straightforward is the best approach.

And don't forget that actions really do speak louder than words.

I would call because it's within the bounds they gave you - plus, it shows interest. I agree with the above post that it shows that you are interested and that you are willing to put in extra effort to get the job.

The last job I got, I waited…Note when he gets angry does he bunch his fists up? And most important of all if he ever hits you, even if its just a slap or anything GET OUT. Keep in mind, even if he does know you mean it, just leave and don't stay.