I do not participate in any casual sexual activity and I still beleive in being with just one man, being loyal, and making my mate my most trusted best friend. I am looking for a sincere friend who is interested in travelling and diffierent culture. I try to keep a level head and an open mind, doesn't mean I don't get upset from time to time, but I'm not one of those people who blow up and let it ruin my day. I'm Mckenzie, from Clifton i'm outgoing,likes to laugh,open to new I love anything outdoors, I love to travel, weekend getaways, intimate dinners and great conversation. There are plenty of opportunities to rent furnished villas, flats, rooms, or bungalows for a holiday period.

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Cuddled on the couch watching a good movie with hot popcorn to share.

I am a very easy going and very social person, who loves being around people and meeting new people. I believe life is good and we're all here for a reason. If you feel good about who you are and you are confident in your powers then the others will see you exactly like you want them to see you... You have to be proud of what you have but always keep wanting more. I'm Precious, from Providence I'm a down home country girl,looking for someone to share mutual intrests; and likes me for who I am, not the way I look.

I do like going out and doing things or can just stay at home, relax or cuddle. I'm Sidney, from Trenton I am a person who has not been in a relationship for a long time and I will not settle for anything other than a person who is honest and loyal. Would you like to see more online personals from Providence ?

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In some regions of the country, farm holidays are available.

The Belgians, living in the north, will often prefer to answer visitors in English rather than French, even if the visitor’s French is good. Belgium has a wide range of hotels from 5-star luxury to small family pensions and inns.

Dutch is slightly more widely spoken than French, and German is spoken the least.

I work in an office all week so come the weekend I like to relax, socialise and live. I do not go out too much because I have recently had my teeth pulled and do not have dentures as of right now so, staying home is mostly what I do. I like going out to nice places, glass of wine or more, :-) a meal and more depending on the night, also love cooking and baking for friends and family.

But when I am around my friends I am fun, interesting, and outgoing. I am a very affectionate person, I love to hold hands, kiss and cuddle.

Would you like to watch more personal profiles from Quinte West we have? I don't really feel like describing myself...I'm just going to amuse you lovely people withs some of my favorite funny quotes.

someone who will make me feel comfortable with being whoever I am, I want to be able to contemplate the mysteries of human kind, I'm not really ambitious enough to take on the universe and everything, I'm only interested in life.