Should the first date go well, there is plenty of time to share details of misfortune with previous partners, but spilling out the minutiae of a recent messy divorce can be a serious faux pas in dating terms.Money In-depth discussions about money and how much of it one possesses can be considered rude at the best of times, and should certainly not be brought up on a first date.Financial issues should remain private until such a time as is appropriate; bragging about having a lot of money can come across as cocky or arrogant, whilst mentioning not having enough could look as though you are trying to evade splitting the bill come the end of the date!

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It can be difficult to know which areas are off-limits for conversation on a first date, especially when the onus is on getting to know someone.

Follow these tips on what to avoid, compiled by the dating experts at introduction agency Bowes Lyon Partnership, to escape first date embarrassment and secure a second meeting.

Religion It affects people in a whole manner of different ways, and whether an individual is religious or not, they are sure to have some views on beliefs and faith.

In certain circumstances, debate about religion can actually create stimulating and interesting conversation, but laying all beliefs and strong opinions bare on a first date can end in disaster.

No two opinions on religion are the same, and a heated argument within hours of meeting someone doesn’t spell an automatic second date, so it is wise to steer away from deep conversation about this topic until a little further along the line.

Politics Similar to religion, the vast majority of people have immovable opinion about politics, and so it is unwise to descend into outright debate or even argument on a first date.

The first date atmosphere should be light and flirty, with friendly conversation about topics which can remain neutral; politics do not fall under any of these categories.

In the long run, someone’s political views will probably not be enough to end a relationship, and so holding off on deep discussions about party politics can be eschewed for the first date at least.

Past Relationships Everyone has had relationships with good and some bad experiences all round.