The Blat Mailer plugin is a simple front end for Blat to easily send email with attachments using the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP).Neither a Blat profile nor any other mail client needs to be installed.The included stand-alone Blat Mailer can be used as Send To utility and from button bar of Total Commander. Packer plugin for copying files with folder structure: + copies/moves folder trees from branch view/search result + 'choose number of levels to copy' dialog that allows observing relative paths for all cases + allows setting up include/exclude masks for files to be proccessed + allows displaying choose dialog once or if Win key is down or every time + multi-threading support (background operations in TC 7.55 and later) + allows copying directory timestamps + reports if some files weren't processed + full Unicode support Plugin allows you to keep directory structure when you copy/move files from branch view (Ctrl+[Shift+]B by default, or "Branch View" command) or search results panel ('Feed to listbox' button in search results dialog).

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(discussion is here, see Readme file for more detailed description) Yet another one-evening software from Nick Doom the Industrial Programmer. Archive version is detected automatically by content.

This plug-in is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. Both binary executable code and source code of this plug-in are placed in PUBLIC DOMAIN. Plugin should support both english and russian version of SHOC archives, but support of english version is not tested. Plugin is registred by default for extension *.db0 only, so you must enter into archive with Ctrl+Pg Dn. A packer plug-in (wcx) for Total Commander for the ZPAQ format. Zpaq is a journaling (append-only) archiver for incremental backups.

The author is not responsible for any damage caused by use or misuse of this software. Files are added only when they differ from the version(s) already stored. It also features: * Multithreaded compression * Unique deduplication feature, which will reduce archive size, even if you don't compress at all (compression method 0) * Encryption (AES-256) * (Remote) Multi-part support with optional local index file * "Rollback" of archives to an earlier state See more details.

This software has been written to satisfy my own needs. In short: you can't delete files, only add new ones, but it's very efficient for detecting duplicate file fragments, when you'd add several versions of a file to an archive.

To create a single hard link, just pack the file and the archive name will be used as the hard link name. Additionally it has very efficient compression modes (level 4/5), which in most cases creates even smaller files than 7-Zip in it's best mode, but can be quite slow.

To create multiple hard links, pack the desired files into the desired directory. The lower compression methods (up to 2) compress fast, and decompress very fast.The hard links with the same names will be created, the archive name will be ignored. In default mode, when you open a zpaq archive in TC, you can only see either the latest update's files, or all "collected" files from all updates you made, with each file showing it's newest version, just like you would expect from other archivers (zip, rar, ...). when you want to get your old file versions, enable the 'Show all archive versions' option (through 'Pack files' - 'Configure'), so that you will be able to view all of the archive's updates.If you end the archive name with \, it'll be used as a new directory name for both single and multiple files modes. To replace files with same content with hard links, use the Move (pack and DELETE) option. For using more than just one compression/decompression thread, the x64 version is highly recommended. Compression level 4 is very slow, and level 5 is extremely slow, so take care before starting them with huge file collections.The archive name and path will be ignored, all hard links will be created INSTEAD of existing files. - SQX is a powerful packer which allows the user two balance between high compression ratio and fast compression - To increase compression ratio and speed many options can be set.Special compressors are provided for multimedia-, audio-, text- and executable files. - Multi-volume archives can be created based on predefined or userdefined sizes.Each type of self-extracting archives can be created as multi-volume archive.