Here are my 7 fool-proof (Dutch approved) tips on making Dutch female friends: (We were in Ghent celebrating a friend’s bachelorette party.It also coincided with Ghent Day and we had to pretend that we were Belgians.

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An invitation to a Dutch bachelorette party and a wedding invitation that are signs of a true friendship with a Dutchie.

I’d love to impart my wisdom on other fellow expats on how to make Dutch female friends.

I guarantee that it will make your stay in the Netherlands no matter how short, or long a worthwhile experience.

Being a seasoned expat for the past 6 years now, I’ve gained some .

Some of the mistakes I made are long-lasting and quite irreparable.

However, pure luck and a lot of practice has allowed me to forge genuine friendships with these wonderful women.

They’ve welcomed me into their country, their homes and into their hearts.

Expat forums are filled with questions and concerns on just how to infiltrate the local Dutch circles.

A common complaint among fellow expats is how difficult it is for them to actually make friends with Dutch people.

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with these tall gorgeous happy blonde beauties with flawless biking skills?

Sometimes expat women spend their entire stay in the Netherlands not having any real Dutch female friends.