DESPERATELY SEEKING SOMEONE The lonely high fliers trying to find love They have money, good looks and high-powered jobs, but in the fight to the top they forgot one thing -- finding a partner. As a result, more and more lonely single people are asking others to help them find love. According to Desperately Seeking Someone, a four-part BBC documentary, dating agencies, social clubs, and small advertisements in magazines are becoming a multi-million pound business. Today reporter Margaret Morrison spoke to some of the lonely hearts who told her about just who you meet when you pay for the introduction.

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She has a good job as a personal assistant with a television news agency, her own home, and a full social life.

But the 29-year-old, who has a degree in English Literature, is so fed up British men that she joined the English Rose dating agency to get in touch with single American males.

"English men are usually materialistic and have no imagination", she says.

"I have spent years being bored by men who never do anything exciting.

"I've met five so far but I'm looking for someone very special.

I'd like to find a caring, well-educated, non-smoking animal-lover with a professional job and a sense of adventure".

Nicolette is going to stay with English Rose until she finds her man.

"I'm almost 30 now and I would really love to find a husband and have children.

I'd like to live in London for six months of the year and in the States for the other six months". Nicolette joined English Rose about 18 months ago and has met 5 men since then.