I like the following: We simply applied Liberon’s cream colored wax to the oak desk at our Sancerre Paris rental below: Simply buy their white wax or cream-colored wax in a can and apply and buff.

We spend so much time remodeling Paris apartments that our own living room has become neglected!

I enjoyed the deep yellow textured walls with matching silk curtains for the past fifteen years, but my tastes have shifted from strong colors to a softer French country look.

Philippe protested mightily as the colors brighten up a winter’s day in London, but when the silk curtains started to shred from the sunlight, the decision made itself.

We found the pair of mirrors fifteen years ago at the Paris flea market, or Puces.

Requires undercoat, your choice of undercolors that peek through and a final coat in cream colored paint or other. He did a great job, inheriting dad’s cardiac surgery genes. Paint the mirrors with a water-based white undercoat.

This blocks the old paint and gold leaf, makes next layers of paint stick.This is important; I made the mistake of applying paint directly to other furniture and the paint doesn’t stick or comes off in patches, when you’re trying to wipe off the final layer. Red Paint: Old mirrors have a layer of red under their gold leaf. Liked it so much that I repainted to lights in the entryway in the same ‘vert de gris’ or sage green color.They are a rare matching pair dating from the 1800’s and Philippe negotiated hard from the dealer to buy them.My mother-in-law didn’tt approve of my covering up the gold leaf, but the expense to buy new ones and time required to find replacements, then figure out what to do with this pair … I’ve antiqued several pieces of furniture with modest success, and learned the hard way that shortcuts don’t work.I discovered a French company that specializes in decorative paint effects called Liberon.There are tons of decorative effects you can apply to wood, metal and glass!