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The doctor is throwing around words like steroids, surgery, chemo, and radiosurgery.

Much of what the doctor says washes over you, but you remember the word “radiosurgery” and resolve to find out more when you get home.

At home, you fire up a search engine and type “radiosurgery.” If you go to Google and search for [radiosurgery], the results give a pretty good overview of what radiosurgery is (focused radiation that targets tumors).

, the old one suddenly notifies me (notificaton + sound).

I am not playing with any alarm lists, I only want one alarm to be set at a time, but I want to be able to unset alarm that is in progress. Pickers 0.1 Main View { object Name: "main View" application Name: "com.ubuntu.developer.username.alarmtest" use Deprecated Toolbar: false width: height: Page { title:"Simple") Alarm{ id: alarm on Status Changed: { if(status == Alarm.

It works fine, again until the current time equals the alarm time (rounded to minutes) when removing alarm logically doesn't work, as it's time format is "Tue 2013-09-17 " (seconds always to zero), so it is already passed during that minute, but it is still visible in the import Qt Quick 2.3 import Ubuntu. Ready) { = "Set Alarm"; } } } Column { spacing: Row { spacing: Label { id: date text: "Date:" anchors.vertical Center: parent.vertical Center } Date Picker { id: date Picker date: new Date() mode: "Hours|Minutes" on Date Changed: { var picker Date = date; picker Seconds(0); date = picker Date; } } Button { id: button text: "Set Alarm"; on Clicked: { if ((alarm.operation And my question is, is it normal that it doesn't work or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much for any help as I am currently completely lost in here.

I was exploring the stock clock app alarm stuff, trying to modify official example code and it didn't help - it never works for me.

On desktop Ubuntu 14.10 it is buggy and on my Ubuntu Tablet my app freezes if I try to set a new alarm after the old one was completed or removed.

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