*Teach, supervise, counsel, or otherwise interact with minors who are enrolled in any Middlebury program.*Interact with prospective student-athletes or other prospective students in connection with Middlebury’s recruiting and admissions programs *Host their own guests on campus.*Participate in community service programs (unless the program sponsor requires a background check).

If Middlebury receives a report of alleged prohibited behavior under this policy that involves such a minor and an individual over whom Middlebury has some measure of control, Middlebury will endeavor to undertake an investigation and to take appropriate remedial action.

Program Sponsor: The department, club, organization, student, faculty, staff person, volunteer, or third party sponsoring the program.

Authorized Adult: Students, faculty, staff, volunteers, or third parties who have been background checked and approved to supervise or otherwise interact with minors. All program sponsors, authorized adults, or any other individual who supervises or interacts with minors on Middlebury property or in connection with Middlebury programs are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and maintain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and personal behavior.

Middlebury College (“Middlebury”) is committed to providing an environment that is safe and secure for all individuals who participate in its programs, including minors. College Property: All land and buildings owned, leased or used by Middlebury.

This policy applies to all Middlebury faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and third parties who supervise or otherwise interact with minors on Middlebury property or in connection with any Middlebury program. Program: Includes but is not limited to camps, sports clinics, classes, events, workshops, athletic competitions, fundraisers, community-based programs, employment at Middlebury, campus temporary housing, admissions programs and, in the case of an enrolled minor-student, all normal Middlebury activities and programs.

Minor Children of Employees or Guests on Campus Minors who are on campus with one or both of their parents, legal guardians or other adult individual(s) and who are not actively participating in a Middlebury program at the time of an event or incident that is covered by this policy are deemed to be under the care, custody, supervision and control of said parent(s), guardian(s) or adult individual(s).

Middlebury will not attempt or endeavor to care for, protect or control such minors, on the assumption that those duties are being performed by their parents, guardians, or other responsible adult(s).

Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, any of the following behaviors directed towards a minor and/or in the presence of a minor: *Sexually abusing a minor or placing a minor at significant risk of sexual abuse *Harming a minor by physical injury, abuse, neglect, emotional maltreatment, or abandonment *Placing a minor at significant risk of physical or emotional harm *Sexually provocative games *Inappropriate touching, including but not limited to contact with the minor’s buttocks, groin, breasts, mouth, or genitals, or where the minor is required or encouraged to have inappropriate contact with the buttocks, groin, breasts, mouth or genitals of another *Sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or related retaliation as defined by Middlebury’s Policy Against Sexual Misconduct, Domestic and Dating Violence and Misconduct, and Stalking.

*Harassment or related retaliation as defined by Middlebury’s Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy *Hazing as defined by Middlebury’s Hazing Policy *Other misconduct as defined by Middlebury’s conduct policies *Providing alcohol or other illegal substances to a minor *Threatening, intimidating, coercive or demeaning behavior *Retaliation as defined in Section 10, below. Authorization to Work with Minors Criminal background checks will be performed on all new full-time and part-time benefits-eligible candidates prior to their employment at Middlebury.

Other part-time candidates will be subject to criminal background checks if warranted by their specific job responsibilities.

In all cases, the following individuals must be criminal background checked and approved before they may work directly with any minor who participates in any Middlebury program or any program that occurs on Middlebury property: *Any staff, faculty, student, volunteer or third party who works at any Middlebury-sponsored sports camp or clinic, or who works at any sports camp or clinic sponsored or conducted by another entity that takes place on Middlebury property *Any staff, faculty, student, volunteer or third party who provides instruction to minors who are not enrolled in any Middlebury program (e.g., educational instruction, swim lessons, music lessons or skating lessons to local youth) *Public Safety Officers *Third parties who provide child care on Middlebury property *Employees who have regular access to student residence spaces (e.g., CRAs, custodial staff, bilingual assistants) *Other categories of employees or third parties as deemed appropriate by Middlebury Exception: This section does not apply to current employees, students, volunteers or other third parties who: *Provide medical care or counseling to minors who are enrolled in any Middlebury program.