You could feel more comfortable with a guy you know three months than someone you were with for five years. So when I use the word soulmate, I'm not saying it loosely, because there is definitely magic in that word.When you love someone and care about someone, you want to be better for yourself, but also for that person.

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To me, lasting love is your "soulmate." It's healthy. If you're each giving together, it's 300 percent.

At Project Soulmate, when someone is on the fence about a person they just met, we always encourage a second date. That person could be your soulmate, and you just blew him off because there was no absolute magic right away. So if it's always hot and always about sexual relations--when it's too much of anything--it's not lasting.

I don't want to put my stamp on something that anyone would think is instant. Without the friendship, the relationship will never sustain.

It's as if he said, "I The attraction is there, but it's balanced by a friendship.

Of course, in life we do need to use words to articulate, but he might have a stronger vibe if he's your soulmate.

It's someone that your intuition is constantly reminding you that this is quality, this is different, and this is someone special.

It's someone that you want to make your top priority, and you want to give your all to, and someone you desire in a healthy way.

The feeling of your heart falling every time you see him, every single time, waiting for the text.

It's the person that you think "Oh, this could be it!