I purchased airplane tickets when he was excited that I would be coming over but he has been stressed out recently and feeling depressed.

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Hi, I met this man a few months ago and love him very much.

He has told me about a history of depression in his life as something he would have to manage probably for a long time to come.

I am okay with this but I'm starting to see patterns in his behavior that remind me of bipolar disorder symptoms. However, I am not a health care professional and can't diagnose him.

We are now in a long distance relationship and I will be visiting him soon.

getting closer to my family & friends, being in an interesting place, job I enjoy...) in case things don't work.

I have read horrid accounts of relationships people have had with a bipolar spouse or significant other.

At the same time, I don't want to choose not to be with him because of a disability.

I feel like I have to walk on egg shells around him most of the time.

He seems to react strongly to very simple things and comments.

Here's in a nutshell what I know about him so far: He's late 30's, has had one long-term relationship early adulthood then a series of short monogamist relationships - never lived with a woman before Does not talk to any family members Lost two friends and a parent within the last 2 years Is very strict about his diet and sleep regimen Gets very upset if his sleep gets disturbed Does not like to cuddle or be touched when time to sleep Has taken antidepressants before Has a therapist he trusts very much Tells me he wants me in his life but when he needs “space” gets back on online dating sites Before the depressed episode he seemed to function well and was very caring When shuts down he tells me he feels protective and can't talk until he figures things out I am looking for jobs in his area because we would like to see where the relationship could go.

I am pretty independent so need to find a good job before moving and have other reasons to move (e.g.