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One of the reviews had a 2-week-old response from Cyber Link saying they offered a free upgrade to Power DVD 10, which was not yet EOL and would solve the AACS licensing, which evidently changed between the versions.

This is when I decided to open a support ticket, late at night on Christmas Day: ———- Start of Ticket ID CS001323317 ———- Date: 2013/12/25 Subject: Blu-Ray no longer plays I haven’t played Blu-Ray discs in a while, but I recently bought new Blu-Rays and found they wouldn’t play!

I tried some old discs that USED to play, and they don’t work either.

So, I appealed to Cyber Link tech support, which gets my vote for worst-designed tech support system EVER. OEM version of the software); it supports software decoding for Blu-Ray, which was needed since I don’t have a separate video card with hardware Blu-Ray decoding (they have noisy fans). I tried some other titles I already owned and knew for sure I’d watched using the same hardware and software. At this point, I checked Cyber Link’s downloads and found that not only did I have the latest update for Power DVD 8, it was now EOL (End Of Life).

I’m not talking about NEW titles, but the same titles that USED to work on the same hardware with the same software a year or two ago. I bought a Blu-Ray drive for a PC in April 2010 for a quad-core system that was built in 2009 to be ultra-quiet and support HDMI off the motherboard. I researched the software, Power DVD 8 BD Edition, that came bundled with the Blu-Ray drive (i.e. I tried various free solutions (including my trusty VLC), but none of them worked, either.

This is a chronicle of my dealings with Cyber Link tech support, after I discovered that Blu-Ray discs no longer played on my system.

I got the drive, installed Power DVD and 2 updates, got my first Blu-Ray (I think it was Harry Potter 6) and it worked perfectly. Then Amazon Prime Instant Video came along, and I stopped watching DVDs and Blu-Rays for quite a long time. While now completely surprised (it HAD been a few years), I WAS surprised that it had stopped working when the hardware and software hadn’t changed.

I get an error popup reading: “You must update Cyber Link Power DVD to continue the playback of this content.” Looking on your support site, I see that v8 is now EOL, but a company response on Amazon claims I can get a free upgrade to v10: DVD-Ultra-Download/product-reviews/B00CBISACE/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?

ie=UTF8&show Viewpoints=0&sort By=by Submission Date Descending#R2EN620S3M66MC However, I can’t find anywhere on your site to get this upgrade. ———- Response to Ticket ID CS001323317 ———- Date: 2013/12/25 Dear Dan, Thank you for contacting Cyber Link Technical Support.