If it is mandatory to use the stat, then you have to wait till the server log spool runs. That means, we will run the whole server stat 30 times in a month to reduce the load spike and increase the performance.5 days ago WHMSonic stopped updating stats , we tried all the software methods, we reboted the server, we even installed the latest version but to no avail. In the mean time 10 days have gone by and they didn't even replied to a freaking ticket .Since the support guys are taking their time to answer a ticket I'm wondering what to do. I'm starting to think I need to see one of their Devs in person just to get some attention Yea freaking great.

cpanel stats not updating-83

I am just glad that they are at least updating the software and implementing new needed features.

Don't get me wrong though..should have already had their support system migrated and be able to answer support tickets.

I have actually considered using Centova Cast but they never answered any sales tickets I had opened so I am pretty stuck with this software as no one else has the necessary features that my clients require. I wonder if the stats have to be enabled in the Statistics Configuration in WHM with 11.36.1?

I'm starting to think I need to see one of their Devs in person just to get some attention Do not feel bad.

I have support tickets over a year old still left unanswered.

They said that their support system is being migrated to a new system which has over a million customers in it.

But that has been quite a long time ago since they stated this.

We allow our customers to update the stat by themselves.

So login to your AWSTATS and click on UPDATE button.

We also run the spool of cpanel log in automated system. Most of the cases, it helps the server to crash with its high load problem while generating the each stats.

We basically recommend to use some 3rdparty stat software to monitor the traffic if needed like google analytics or statcounter.