Periodically, Rockstar Games will release Title Updates, also known as Patches, that will fix certain issues, glitches and exploits found within GTA V and in GTA Online that have been reported by the community or found by Rockstar Games themselves.Certain title updates will feature new content, labelled as DLC updates.

This update patches some issues found by the community in GTA Online and some tweaks improving overall stability.

Most of the issues were due to its buggy launch, anticipated by Rockstar Games themselves.

Released on October 18, 2013, this title update patches issues happening with the lost of vehicle, their mods, and duplication glitches.

This update also fixes some invite issues, in which players were not receiving by their friends or crews and some changes with the UI and character creation.

This update was highly anticipated by fans, as it included the Beach Bum Pack, a free DLC for singleplayer and online which includes four new vehicles, two new weapons, 30 new beach-themed jobs, and access to Rockstar's first multiplayer event for GTA Online, the Vespucci Beach Party.

The update fixes primarily vehicle losses and certain exploits.

This patch also features Dynamic Tuning, which made some significant changes in the gameplay.

The fifth title update was released on November 5th, 2013.

Not much updates and patches were released, only increased measures were implemented to insure users keeping their progress, money, and vehicles during a Rockstar Cloud outage.