There are 129 Kingsport City students at Lynn View Middle School.Options included moving seventh- and eighth-graders to Sullivan North High School while making Brookside a special education school, Kingsley a K-3 school and Ketron a 4-6 school.Another option included making Cedar Grove a K-2 school and Gravely a 3-5 school, which would reduce six teaching positions.

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"There are benefits and consequences to all of these.'' O'Dell said it is his goal to reduce staff by attrition.

He said when a proposal calls for "reduction" of teaching positions, those teachers will have other slots to move into due to the high number of school employees that retire each year.

Most options were presented for reorganizing the North zone.

Many options were presented to close and combine schools including closing Lynn View and moving only the county students - approximately 83 - to Ketron for a proposed savings of $270,000 in personnel alone.

By JOELLEN WEEDMAN BLOUNTVILLE - Closing and/or combining schools may be necessary to open any school doors in Sullivan County next year, school officials said Monday.

Facing a million to million shortfall for 2002-2003, the Sullivan County Board of Education got its first look at a host of options for cutting expenses during a retreat Monday." Most of these things are controversial - they bring about changes in the communities that people typically don't like," said BOE member Jack Bales."But they're things that are going to have to be done if we protect the integrity of the system as a whole." Sullivan County School Superintendent John O'Dell said the proposals filling a notebook were "only options." "I'm not making any recommendations today," he said.Options also included closing Lynn View and Cedar Grove and moving eighth-graders to North, making Gravely, Kingsley and Brookside K-3 schools and making Ketron a 4-7 school, as well as closing Lynn View, Cedar Grove and Brookside while moving seventh- and eighth-graders to North, making Gravely and Kingsley a K-2 school, making Ketron a 3-6 grade school, and making Brookside a special education school."I 'm not for closing schools," said Alvie Bright, BOE member in the North zone."We closed schools in 1985, and if you look at the budget for the next year we didn't save a damn penny.'' "There's a lot could be done by rezoning,'' Bright added.