Typical Felony prosecutions often play out in the same manner as Misdemeanors do.

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The following pages contain sexually explicit material, designed solely for adults.

If you learn one thing today, remember this: You are under no obligation to provide the government with any information – except your personal identification.

When an officer says that by cooperating you can make things “easier” – ask yourself this: Easier for who?Easier for you – up against the all powerful government with its unlimited resources?In case you are minor or just do not wish to view sexually oriented materials, please leave now. Tyto strnky obsahuj explicitn, sexuln zamen materil, kter je uren vhradn pro osoby star 18 let.Jestlie nejste osoba star 18 let, nebo si nepejete prohlet sexuln zamen materily, prosm opuste ihned tyto strnky.A Felony is the most serious type of crime that you can be charged with in the State of Minnesota.The potential punishment, if you are convicted of a Felony, is at a minimum – a sentence of more than a year in jail.