50 cent rap song, I got guns with the size of LIL BOW WOW. He's from Reynoldsburg Ohio not even near Columbus but he's too busy whoring the South. They main reason they buy his albums is because of his LOOKS. He think he can get any broads he wants because of his looks. Ashley from College Hill don't even claimed his ass. Yeah Snoop discovered him but he never got signed with Death Row. Got his own record company called LBW Entertainment but he don't want to be called little Bow Wow anymore. 4)His fan base, Bow Wow don't even have fans anymore when he was LIL BOW WOW. 20 years from now them groupies are going to whine up in a mental hospital or comment suicide or one. Most of all Ciara smashed his ass when she did that video called LIKE A BOY and the one she did with 50 CENT. Real niggas don't buy his shyt anymore unless they're Gay, on a DL, or they just plain retarded. They soo busy claiming i'm Bow Wow's wifey, girlfriend, whatever. You can't get that little bitch nigga to like you please. In fact, Ciara left Bow Wow ass for a real nigga, 50. If Bow Wow don't changed anytime soon, he's going to be a moderned day Howard Hudges, going to be somewhere hiding or he won't have a career at the age of 31, or he just going to be whine up dead like Tupac or Notorious B.

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She embarked on her music career contributing vocals and appearing in several music videos for R&B group B2K.

At the time, she was known as B2K member Lil' Fizz's "cousin", though she is not actually related to him.

In 2003, Aiko was set to release her debut album, My Name Is Jhené, through her labels Sony, The Ultimate Group and Epic, however the album was never released, with Aiko asking to be released from the label in order to continue her education.

3) A horrible rapper but have the nerve to called Will Smith a gimmick; and dissing other Legends. If it wasn't for his music, he ass wouldn't been born on March 9th 1987.

Lil Romeo, Lil Fizz, and Yung Berg punked and diss his ass.

Bow Wow don't even get respect from his fellow rap artists.

Fat Joe called him a Fag in his song called Lean Back. How the world he called himself a real rapper and he don't even rep his own city right.

1) a 5'5 asshole who thinks he's the shit but inside he's really not.

2)A bi-sexual industry hoe, a wannabe gangsta, a womanizer, a momma's boy, and most of all, The same dude who got anually raped by his bodyguard some years ago.