Few studies have examined its influence on views regarding interracial relationships and whether the psychological processes underlying these relations vary across gender.

Finally, the experience of discrimination, although personal, necessarily impacts on the interracial relationship.

The nature and impact of discrimination experienced by white women in committed interracial relationships with black men is thus multi-layered and both an intra-personal and an inter-personal phenomenon.

ABSTRACT: Acculturation to mainstream and heritage culture has been shown to influence attitudes and behaviors related to romantic relationships.

The present study examines cross-cultural and gender differ-ences in the norms regarding interracial dating among Chinese and European Canadians.

In response to a scenario describing an interracial dating conflict between a young adult and his/her parents, Chinese Canadians gave greater support to parents than did European Canadians, who in turn gave greater support to the young adult than did Chinese Canadians.

With regard to self-report measures of views on interracial dating, Chinese Canadian males showed less favorable attitudes towards interracial dating than all other groups and showed less openness to interracial dating than did European Canadian males.Among Chinese Canadians only, endorsement of Canadian identity made a contribution above and beyond family allocentrism to the prediction of all measures assess-ing views on interracial dating.ABSTRACT: Adopting a descriptive phenomenological approach, this study explores the experiences of discrimination of white women in committed interracial relationships with black men within the South African context.Three white females in committed interracial relationships with black males were recruited and interviewed.Open-ended interviews were conducted in order to elicit rich and in-depth first-person descriptions of the participants’ lived experiences of discrimination as a result of being in committed interracial relationships.The data analysis entailed a descriptive phenomenological content analysis and description.