Read more: Cheryl Fernandez Versini tells new beau Liam Payne to 'cut down on partying' in LA "Liam is clearly overwhelmed by the divorce battle and how messy it's getting.He's been distance since they got back from LA as he feels like it's best for Cheryl if he takes a step back to let her deal with what's clearly a very stressful situation," a source tells heat magazine.

The former X Factor judge (32) has been dating the One Direction singer (22) since January, months after she split with her husband of 18 months Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini, but their relationship has hit a wall in recent weeks.

Cheryl filed for divorce from the French restaurateur in December, claiming it had been over for months, and went public with her romance with Liam soon after.

But as her ex gears up for a divorce battle, her current beau is said to have pulled back.

Cheryl and Liam had been sharing a home in LA, where they were both recording new music, in recent months, but Liam has given her some space since they returned home to London.

Simon Cowell has openly admitted that the chemistry wasn't right on last year's show.

Now, we personally thought Cheryl was one of the better things about the series (she brought us Reggie N Bollie and heaps of brilliant facial expressions) but perhaps in the 2016 revamp it was decided that she's not the right her first series and might fit the gif-hole left by Cheryl's brilliant facial expressions.

But what if Cheryl heard that Nicole was on her way back and decided to make a hasty exit? Likelihood rating: We all know that there is no love lost between Cheryl and Louis, which stems all the way back from the Girls Aloud days ("Louis claimed to be our manager but he never did it… And with all signs pointing to a Louis Walsh return, maybe Cheryl decided that she just couldn't sit nicely next to him for another series, even if they've managed to do it before.

Her lawyers are currently trying to "hash out" a deal with the nightclub owner to ensure a clean break between the pair.

"The divorce with JB is still stalling, so how Liam responds and behaves over the next few weeks while her lawyers try to hash out a deal with him, could be make or break for the relationship." The Fight For This Love recently hit back at claims she cheated on her ex-husband with Liam.