Her breast was bursting from her blouse I was losing my control now. She then loosed her blouse and asked me to apply soap all over her back. I have touched her several times before but this time it was a different feeling I put my hand in side her blouse and started applying the soap all over her back. She did reacted this time and said now I can do it and took back the soap from me. She then gave me a smile and said “Oh you gave grown up now so you are shying away from your aunt. She then took the soap and started applying all over legs and thigh. She lifted her petticoat to her thighs and she was putting the soap all around her leg. I started rubbing my penis inside the water and within seconds I ejaculated. After that she again came in water and took some dips and then she said now it’s time and we should leave. So, we went to the bus tand and after waiting for 30 mins or so one bus came. I felt my aunt was not very comfortable as there were not of men there and they were staring her.

I removed my eyes from her instantly but again turned back to see her. May be as I was growing my sex feeling was taking over me.

I saw her saree was now totally drenched and was sticking on her body.

She was very comfortable in removing her saree in front of me. Her petticoat was covering her legs but there was a clear view of her figure coming out from her in that position. She took some dives in the water that made her dress more stuck to her body. While putting soap she sometimes was putting her hands inside her petticoat deep to reach her pussy and ass. So after taking breakfast she asked me to get ready so that we can go together and finish off the job there. Because that was village so there was no transportation available barring some govt buses. It was so crowded that everyone was standing very close to everyone.

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This is Rahul back with one more sensual and erotic incident. My parents also came with me and after staying 2-3 days they left me there for rest of my summer vacation. I was very close to them as they don’t have any child and treated my like one of them. The lake was covered with trees and it was also my uncle’s lake and so not many people used to come to the lake. It was very hot season and the lake water was very nice. I went a bit further while swimming I saw her cleaning the dirty clothes on the bank. She was having a very slim body and a very thin waist line. I was now seeing her from all together different angle now. I was happy hearing that as I will have more chances to see my aunt again taking bath. So I after exams I went to my ancestor’s village to enjoy my vacation. So she completed the house hold work and it was around 3 in the afternoon. As it was late in the afternoon the lake was almost empty. So I thought I will go close to her while remaining under water and will all of a sudden come out of the water to surprise her. Even the nipples were clearly visible from her saree. He said the power will not come for the next two days as some work is going on. My uncle as usual left for his work in the morning. She said to me that today water will not come today, so we have to go to the lake to wash clothes and also have to take bath there. I was very good swimmer and loved swimming in the village. Her boobs were quite protruding from the top of her saree and blouse. My uncle was quite wealthy and we had nice water supply and washroom so that we don’t have to use the pond water. And one fine day the power was not there so there was no way to get the water to the tank. I was getting very hard now and I was just swimming near her so that I can see her more. After some time she completed her clothes washing and now she was getting ready to take bath. Her whole figure was coming out from her drenched clothes. So it was a village and people used to go to lake or pond for water for house hold activates and also for having a bath. Her clothes were all wet and were stuck on her body. I even can sense her nipples pointed from her breast. I saw she was having a very good size breast and while she was doing the clothes her saree was almost falling from her breast exposing her breast and cleavage to me. Also the rest of her body was also was very much visible from her drench clothes. It was a very new way of seeing her now and I was enjoying every moment of that. Now I just wanted to see her take bath so that I can see more of her now. She loved me like a kid and I also loved her for the love and affection she gave me. I don’t know why I did that but I enjoyed looking at her in that pose. I can see her breast clearly over her saree and blouse.