An entrepreneur notable for his accomplishments as a real estate investor and lender, Ivan Kaufman currently leads the New York-based Arbor Commercial Mortgage, Arbor Residential Mortgage and Arbor Realty Trust (NYSE: ABR).With more than three decades in real estate financing experience, Mr.

Widely recognized for his expertise in the commercial and residential mortgage sectors, Mr.

Kaufman has lectured on these topics at the Wharton School, Harvard Business School and Columbia University.

Active in environmental and educational causes as well, Mr.

Kaufman previously volunteered with Global Re Leaf and the International Arid Lands Consortium, founded North Shore Hebrew Academy High School and serves as a trustee of the Birthright Israel Foundation.

He also spent time as chair of New York State’s Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission for the 10th Judicial District.

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Kaufman was named one of Inc.’s Entrepreneurs of the Year in 1990.

Following the 1995 sale of Arbor National Mortgage to Bank of America, Mr.