This has been a four month effort and we hope you enjoy it.Some notes about Andrew: If you have played Andrew in the past, your "love level" is reset to 2. When you start out with Andrew, you start at level 1.

Chat with sex slaves-64Chat with sex slaves-49

Once there, you get a chance to meet and make followers of 6 sex slaves, one of which is a house carl.

Once the main quest is completed, you can also have any other follower go though sex slave training in one of two ways.

After the Jarl's Daughter quest is completed, you can start the Dark Possession quest as detailed below.

We have done our best to make the Andrew experience as realistic as possible. To enjoy him, you have to take him along as a follower as you adventure through Skyrim.

I won't be giving cheats to help you unlock the radiant quests.

Andrew now has 12 (love) levels instead of the previous 6.In addition, we have added a dozen radiant quests as well as three new longer quests.Other features: Beginning with version 5.9, Andrew was completely rewritten.He now has over 1000 dialog lines, most of it situational.To experience all this new dialog, take him with you as you adventure. Make sure you check the "Andrew is Dominant" in the MCM menu.If you are a female player and want a subservient male follower, do not turn on Dominant.