Above them are lampshades with pictures of aeroplanes on them.Around the room are teddy bears, boards with animal stickers, rubber play mats and a toy box containing plastic Fisher Price-style games.

Chat rooms for adult babies-21

Some people wrongly assume that adult baby fetishism is connected to paedophilia.

In fact, paraphilic infantilism, also known as autonepiophilia, is the desire to return to an infant-like state, and infantilists are not attracted to children.

"As soon as you mention adult babies, they say, 'You're a paedophile.' But it couldn't be further from the truth. And the feeling of wetting yourself." A guy in both a diaper and a leather dog mask takes a running jump at the paddling pool and lands on his stomach with his feet in the air, before joining in the fun with the balls.

And a playroom for cuddles." It's Saturday night at the Adult Baby Club, a monthly party held in a basement round the back of London's King's Cross station, where, despite the council's best efforts, there's still quite a seedy vibe.

There are two rooms with changing tables for customers' use.

According to ABC's website, tonight's event is a "safe place for ABs [adult babies], DLs [diaper lovers], their daddies, mummies and friends to play".Joe guides me through the gloom into the main room, where a group of blokes stand around chatting and drinking bottled beer to soft rock.It's a pretty normal scene, like staff drinks at an IT firm, except everyone's wearing disposable nappies.Joe's been helping out at the party for seven years."I do the spanking night on a Thursday as well," he says. He's small with East End cabbie glasses, but he has a ferocious grip, no doubt honed by all that paddling.Speaking of which, in the corner of the room, beneath an intimidating-looking crucifix (which presumably gets more of a work-out at the venue's other parties), there's a paddling pool on the floor filled up with coloured plastic balls. One wears a romper suit and the other, in his fifties, has grey, mad-professor hair, a blue gingham dress, white socks and Mary Jane-style shoes.