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More → All righty, my intellectuals, my wisenheimers, my walking encyclopedias. More → The time has come to grit our teeth, put on some pants, and return to that doom prison some people call "school." Gone are the days of eating Cheetos for every meal, of forgetting what day it is, of spending every waking moment just being vaguely... More → We've always loved courageous, independent literary heroines like Katniss, Hermione, and Lizzy Bennet—but we didn't love that the majority of our fictional role models have been depicted in film by actresses who fit within society's narrow stereotype of beauty (aka tall, t More → Dear Auntie, So, to preface this question, some background: my dad passed away when I was three, so I come from a single-parent household.

Take the quiz below to find out whether your bookish know-how is sharp as a tack, or sharp as a balloon giraffe. And I think if there’s one thing we can all agree on in this ruined world, it’s that... Is your cat named Jellicoe, your wifi network named AIDAN, and your Tumblr named An Imperial...

Look, cinema is a fluid and complex medium and it takes years to hone the craft. Are you reading this from inside a book fort made of Shadowhunters boxed sets?

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