Yeah I've watched an episode here and there because my dad likes it, but the characters bother me for some reason But I don't want to look it up in case I ever do watch it because then I'll know what happened!Omg this song :'D I used to listen to this over and over and over again *^* IT'S LIKE A SWEET PLOT TWIST.

Chadharlow pictures-79

I've been doing digital art for about 8 ish months and it makes it even easier to experiment since its much more forgiving than traditional Amazing!

I do love all those colours and the lighting just brings the scene to life .

I recently started trying to paint lots of jungle plants and I know it can be quite a challenge so really great work . I just started AFTER 3 seasons were over, but that was because my grandma was the one watching and I just sat in once and was hooked.

The did the most EVIL thing to us, at the last episode of season 9, that I'll just let you look up!

Another pretty quick painting I did in Photoshop CS6 of some airships going past some ruins in a misty jungle. I wanted to do some sort of air balloons, then naturally I thought: "Well, of course they should be Fire Nation war balloons". Best show ever.hello Rachopin77, I am looking for an image I can use on the cover of my ebook and audio book, Migration to the Heartland, it is a story of a woman's soul journey.

Your painting, Journey, comes closest to what I am looking for, although idaally I'd also have a female figure walking along the path.

Are you open to me using your image and if so what would you charge for a jpeg version?

Thanks, your art is lovely, And I've sort of learned most of what I know about art by experimenting, looking through art books, and looking at art that inspires me.

's Heidi Blickenstaff enlists the help of dresser Margo Lawless and assistant hair supervisor Chad Harlow for a faster-than-theā€“speed-of-light quick change.

Velcro tears apart, wigs fly and Blickenstaff's lawyer costume (she plays a woman playing a man) becomes her costume for the finale, in which she plays a woman!

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