magazine reported that he and pop star Avril Lavigne went on a double date with Jenner's stepsister Khloe Kardashian and her pro-baller hubby Lamar Odum.They also said the two (you'll want to sit down for this) were holding hands!

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If anyone knows how important that bond is, it’s definitely her — and she offered up touching words.

“It’s definitely something you shouldn’t take for granted.

There’s still hope, it’s never too late to develop a relationship.

“It’s important that there is money going towards research, especially the kind he had [kidney cancer] because it’s a more rare form,” she says.

The star managed to turn the day into something very special with a great cause — and we commend her for it.

“It was great to be surrounded by my family and it’s something I plan to do more regularly,” she says.

We think it’s so kind of Whitney to commemorate her dad in such a special way, and it was so sweet of her to offer up such kind words to Brody.

Brody and Bruce are both still so young and have so much time and experiences ahead of them.

They’re constantly learning and I feel like it’s not too late for them to mend the relationship,” she says.