Mike Huckabee bypassed the school in his 2008 effort to rouse evangelicals and win the GOP nomination, and Mitt Romney ignored it in his 2012 campaign for the GOP nomination.

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That will obviously impact the way that I feel about things,” he said. But I did attend the other Republican candidate’s visit—Sen. There, the Texas senator, who is on the upswing in the Republican presidential race, held a rally under the banner of religious liberty.

And every aspect of the production was designed to emphasize Cruz’s presentation as a warrior for conservative evangelical Christians.

The program described the senator as “the consistent conservative defending religious liberty,” and the rally itself was explicitly religious in form and content, resembling nothing as much as an exurban megachurch service.

The preshow, for example, was a series of choir performances: one from a nearby school (North Greenville University), one from Crown College in Tennessee, and one from Bob Jones itself.

Once the modest crowd was seated in the auditorium—according to the campaign, 2,500 people attended the event, compared with double as many for Carson’s the day earlier—Cruz asked for a moment of silence for the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris, and—in an opening prayer—called for a response to the ISIS militants who claimed responsibility.

“This is an evil that will not quietly slip away,” Cruz said. This evil wll no longer walk the face of the Earth.” From there, we had the show.Former Major League Baseball players and erstwhile HGTV stars David and Jason Benham were the MCs.GREENVILLE, South Carolina—The last Republican presidential candidate to visit Bob Jones University was George W. And although Bush was there to tout and affirm his ties to conservative evangelicals, the focus—in the press and elsewhere—was on race. When Bush visited in 2000, the Greenville, South Carolina, school was known for two things: its strict rules on music, film, shopping, and dress, and its ban on interracial dating.“I didn’t want it hanging around our neck up here in New York that the presidential candidate of my party consorts with and condones the bigoted policy of Bob Jones University,” said Rep.Peter King to the Bush survived the controversy, and Bob Jones changed course—that year, it lifted its ban on interracial relationships. Bush focused on evangelical voters in his 2004 re-election race but didn’t touch the university.