There’s something magical about an on-screen kiss you know has real-world oomph behind it.Any great actor worth their salt can generate chemistry with the right partner, but there’s an extra level of excitement when we, the viewer, know that there’s a bleed between the romantic fantasy and reality. But even if they’re not, their breathless pairing was maybe the best thing about this doomed cycle of Spider-Man films.

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—Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: Seven seasons, one wedding, and a pair of twins later, these two on-screen lovebirds are still going strong.

Paquin’s character had a number of romantic partners during the long run of this HBO guilty pleasure, including Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsgård.

But no matter how heated the later seasons got (and they got pretty heated), nothing matched the pure allure of Bill and Sookie falling in love and lust in Season 1.

But whether old-school Hollywood or new favorite TV shows, there’s no denying the power of the sizzle. Whether fighting or kissing, Jolie and Pitt are all over each other for the entirety of Doug Liman’s spy comedy thriller. —Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy: You can’t see it in this image, but right after Hepburn and Tracy shared their first on-screen kiss, Hepburn walked right into a door while exiting the scene.

Sure, it was probably planned, but there’s no faking the dazzle in her eyes.

The couple would become a Hollywood legend, making nine movies together and sticking by each other (though from a distance) for 25 years.

.) And while it’s hard to pin down exactly when the two started dating in the first place—they kept their relationship quiet for three years—it was impossible to deny the power of their on-screen romance. He’s the goof she’s wasting time with while waiting to connect with Kevin Costner.

The pull between the two was so strong it made the alleged love triangle a little ridiculous. But while Costner and Sarandon made for a very convincingly steamy couple, it’s not so easy to write off Robbins.

Between the garter belt (his), the rope play (hers), and the poetry, they have their own very special thing going on—and they did in real life, too, staying together for more than 20 years.