Enter your interests into a online search engine, like Google or Yahoo, and it just might lead you to sites like these. For people who would rather make connections in person, local interest groups combine fun activities with the chance to meet like-minded souls.has listings for thousands of activity and interest groups in various areas.


Singles club dating is a way to meet new people who share your interests.

Dating clubs can be online matchmaking sites, local activity groups, or organizations supporting a particular sexual interest.

Many online dating sites call themselves dating "clubs." If you've spent much time on the big sites like Match.com, you'll realize that members don't have to have any special qualifications to join.

Special-interest dating clubs let you search among people who already share important interests.

There are clubs for sexual fetishes, group sex, and polyamorous dating.

Joining a club devoted to dating can make it much easier to meet people who share your interests. If you participate in online forums or attend events regularly, you'll get to know other members at a deeper level.Even if you don't find your match, you might still make new friends who can enrich your life.For dedicated singles club dating, try searching Meetup for "Singles." You're most likely to find singles groups in big cities, but some smaller towns have them, too.Memberships range from a few hopeful souls to several hundred.Some clubs are formed around interests like salsa dancing or certain age groups. You can also check the web for local groups like these the Singles Club section of the Sierra Club in Portland, Oregon.People with more unusual interests also bond together for club dating throughout the United States and beyond.