Housing Benefit helps people on a low income who are renting their homes to pay some or all of their rent.

These people are called non dependants and we take a set amount off your benefit for them based on their income. Benefit can only be awarded towards the eligible Local Housing Allowance rate for a property if you rent from a private landlord, or the eligible rent if you rent from a housing association.

It is shown on your Council Tax Bill as a reduction .

There are slightly different rules for working age customers and pension age customers.

The scheme for working age customers is decided locally, but the scheme for pension age customers is decided by central government.

If you claim Universal Credit, you will get help with your housing costs included in your monthly payment.

If you have a partner we will include their income and savings as well when we work out any benefit entitlement.

You can work out how many bedrooms your household needs under LHA or if you are under occupying (bedroom tax) at

If there are other people, aged over 18 who live with you, they will be expected to pay towards housing costs and Council Tax..

You can view the pension age scheme and the subsequent amendments under Links View the full Council Tax Support Scheme 2015 for working age customers View the full Council Tax Support Scheme 2016 for working age customers If you are entitled to council tax support we will usually pay it from the Monday after we receive your claim.

If you want to claim housing benefit too, you only need to make one claim.

We will assess your housing benefit and council tax support at the same time.