Compatibility of Leo Man and Aries Woman According to Astrology this love match is almost a perfect one.His outgoing personality will gel well with her desire to explore the unknown. Leo man will go crazy over the intelligent and lively spirit of an Aries woman.

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Drama and excitement reign supreme when a Leo woman teams up with an Aries man.

This astrological combination is powerfully potent. There will be no lack of compliments as both of them hold back nothing.

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In return he will gift her life with love and trust.

Compatibility of Leo Woman and Aries Man The compatibility of an Aries Man and Leo Woman will be great and they will happily share the limelight with each other.

He loves adventure and she will be happy to join him.

He loves to explore life and she will always like to be admired by new people in novel territories.

Leo-Aries Compatibility A Leo is generous and an Arian is open to life.

Sharing the same likes and dislikes, they both crave for fun, romance and excitement.

A Leo respects an Arian’s need for freedom because an Arian does not interfere much in the life of a Leo. The only problem area in this compatibility field is that both are egotistical.

They can really make a good match if they learn to compromise. Avail our Love Ask A Question service to get an answer to your pertinent question about your Aries parter and further enhance your equation with him or her.