Higher-tiered items are made from higher-tiered clay.The game ends when one of two conditions is met: You can jump over walls which require 60 Agility to jump over. Barriers can be placed around a gathering area or Creation kiln.

The official world used for Stealing Creation is 45, though it is regularly played on other worlds by select Friends Chats, too.

Players may not take any items into the game, either in inventory or worn, nor may they take any pets or familiars.

There is a bank deposit box adjacent to the entrance. Games can last up to 20 minutes, but they can end earlier if all resources in the play arena are exhausted.

The teams compete against each other to gather sacred clay to process into various items or to steal them from the opposing team. Players collect clay, which is thought to be the "building blocks used by gods to create worlds." Every resource in the game yields sacred clay.

Gathering clay, processing clay, depositing clay and items at the team's home base, and inflicting combat damage on the opposing team earn points. As previously mentioned, players can also steal clay and items from the opposing team and either use them or deposit them at their own base for points.

Only items in inventory can be stolen, not worn items.All clay and items (including familiars, food, and potions) are tiered, with higher-tiered items having more capabilities and higher stats.Warning: On death while playing the minigame, players lose all items they have accumulated, unless using the Protect Item prayer or curse.With the prayer activated, they keep the highest-valued clay item. Stealing Creation is located in the Mystic's Camp, in the northern section of the Gamers' Grotto, accessible via a cavern entrance situated north of Falador and south-west of Edgeville.The Games necklace has a teleport option to the grotto.There are two teams, each signified by the colour of their capes, blue and red.