Those procedures were for cosmetic reasons, though, where the breast reduction was more for Stassi’s general health.

star has been up-front about several procedures–including, most recently, her breast reduction–but at least one prominent plastic surgeon believes there’s been more Stassi Schroeder plastic surgery than the 27-year-old acknowledges.

Stassi herself revealed the breast reduction surgery–which she referred to more specifically as a breast lift–late last year, shortly before her return to the cast of At the time, the reality TV star said she needed this particular Stassi Schroeder plastic surgery because “they’re too big.

It’s back pain, and I started bleeding the other day…because of my sports bra….

It’s too uncomfortable and they are so saggy, they look like two tube socks with change in them.” Stassi repeated the “s” word shortly thereafter, when updating fans of her intentions on Instagram: article on the Stassi Schroeder plastic surgery topic reminded viewers that Stassi further acknowledged having botten both Botox and a chin implant well before her breast lift.

“Jax was working at SUR Lounge on Tuesday night behind the bar.

He looked like he was having a good time,” a diner exclusively told Radar “He looked very chummy with his ex-girlfriend and waitress, Stassi Schroeder.Youn didn’t give a range of dates for any of that Stassi Schroeder plastic surgery, so viewers will have to make up their minds about when it might’ve taken place (and whether it took place at all). Here’s a handful of shots from Stassi Schroeder’s Instagram feed, both from her time off Having one of those days where Psoriasis is taking over my life. So many of you ask what makeup I use because it “looks” like I have flawless skin. And these patches are an effing bitch to cover up and make me feel ugly all the time. , had quit the gig in the season finale, but Radar has exclusively learned he came crawling back and has returned to his former job.