“I figured I would just meet with them since it was near my condo,” says Bukowski.“I knew they wouldn’t leave me alone otherwise.” After an action-packed season, Emily Maynard eliminated Bukowski from the show after his hometown date in Chicago.

It’s just you and her, and she’s the only girl in the world.

If there’s not that initial interest or initial connection, then you won’t have a good time on the show.” Bukowski’s time on reality television did not end after being sent home on , where he soon became known for being a womanizer. You have that relationship on the show, but after it’s all said and done, it’s not that easy when you’re in different places.

“I’m really more authentic than I seem on TV,” says Bukowski. But we definitely still talk.” Newlon isn’t that only castmate that Bukowski keeps in touch with post-show. “My life changed a lot after the show,” says Bukowski.

She wrote a three-page letter explaining why I should be on the show.

I didn’t get to see it until after filming wrapped.” What happened next is history.

casting team tried to get in contact with Bukowski a number of times via phone and email to no avail, as Bukowski believed a friend was playing a joke on him.He ignored the team for two months before moving back to Chicago, where the casting team had said they would be conducting interviews at a nearby hotel. A Bartlett, IL native, he grew up playing football, basketball and baseball and eventually attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.He majored in Hospitality with a focus in Food and Beverage before eventually landing a job with the New York Islanders in New York.“I moved out to New York for work and was happy there,” says Bukowski.“My friend Shannon from Bartlett nominated me for the show without my knowledge.