Courtesy of Angelique Cabral and Thomas Sadoski Actress Angelique Cabral (center, in black) is used to a big, messy family.“I ended up marrying a man with 60 cousins,” she explains with a laugh.So when her character, Colleen, began dating Matt Short (Thomas Sadoski, in blue), Cabral found it easy to slip into the role of an outsider trying to fit in with a big clan—including Matt’s kooky dad John (James Brolin), mom Joan (Dianne Wiest), siblings Heather and Greg (Betsy Brandt and Colin Hanks), their spouses (Dan Bakkedahl and Zoe Lister-Jones), three nieces and a nephew.

Added bonus: Brolin’s wife, Barbra Streisand, sometimes stops by.

Courtesy of Angelique Cabral and Thomas Sadoski “Princess Betsy with her superplush bathrobe,” Sadoski jokes.

“It’s one of those dichotomies; the robe just doesn’t make sense when you know how unbelievably sharp her wit is.” Brandt has turned her trailer into a warm, inviting space, while Sadoski’s is still “totally barren. Courtesy of Angelique Cabral and Thomas Sadoski “This isn’t a particularly ‘L.

A.’ group,” Sadoski says of the cast (from left: Sadoski, Giselle Eisenberg, Cabral, Bakkedahl, Brandt, creator Justin Adler and Wiest).

The two relished the opportunity to grab our cameras and show off their bright, bubbly set.

See the funny and sunny behind-the-scenes photos that Cabral and Sadoski took, like this attempted group selfie with Hanks and Lister-Jones.Courtesy of Angelique Cabral and Thomas Sadoski While Brolin, the show’s elder statesman both on screen and off, is not so into the social-media scene, he is an ace storyteller.“We get to spend a lot of time hearing Jimmy talk about how things used to be, in the best way,” Sadoski says.In between takes, “We listen to the blues and Kanye West and play cornhole.” They’ve also gotten comfortable enough to start playing practical jokes on one another.Courtesy of Angelique Cabral and Thomas Sadoski Don’t let the serious expression fool you. “She’s a little freaked out by Greg’s new baby,” Cabral says, “so I’m smiling and going, ‘What do I do?Hanks and Brandt are the ringleaders of all practical jokery. ’ inside.” The baby actor, meanwhile, was a little too well behaved.