We got there just in time to drop our shoes off on the bottom floor and climb the ladder into the sound bath room above.

,” and then kept driving ’cause you were 20 minutes from sipping a mojito in Palm Springs and, duh, priorities.

In our case, we had all the time in the world, film to kill, and inner 11 year olds to appease. Other than the rush of adrenaline from diving head-first into the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the gift shop in the belly of the brontosaurus filled with dino-errythang was pretty hilarious.

From there, we headed straight to the Integratron for a appointment with our chakras.

This place is a total trip–it’s a dome building that sits off a dirt road in Nowhere, Joshua Tree.

Couches and chairs were set up out back, and when we headed that way to check it out, some bikers from Oakland called us over to smoke a spliff (ya know, for our “anxiety”–thank you, California legislature! When it got late, we headed back to Buck Buckley’s trailer to DESTROY our snack stash, stare up at the moon from our front porch, and freak ourselves out with alien stories. After getting our pancake on at The Crossroads Cafe, we jumped back in the car and made our way to the other side of the 10 for an afternoon of scoping dudes and sippin’ bevies poolside at The Ace Hotel (definitely recommend the mango margarita with jalapeño). The next day, it was time to go home (insert tears emoji).

It was 1,000 degrees, give or take, so we set up shop in the pool and didn’t leave till it was time to meander into their diner for sandwiches and a few hundred gallons of water (gotta hydrate, y’all!! On the way back, we stopped off to snap some shots of the insane windmills that are right at the Palm Springs entrance–they’re HUGE!!! We packed up to head back to city life, but not before stopping off at the Sky Village Swap Meet on the way out.

It was a little bit post-apocalyptic/Mad Max, with weathered desert folks selling old ass shoes and bifocal sunglasses under tents in million degree weather, but there were definitely some gems in there, too.

Here on the west coast, the difference between summer and winter is approximately 15 degrees… BUT STILL–for those of us who would live in Minimale Animale year round if we could, that drop means vurry surrius lifestyle changes, like wearing socks and bringing a jacket along “just in case.” With such drastic sartorial shifts on the horizon, we decided to pay homage to summer ’15 by sending two of our most dedicated sun-worshippers to the desert for a send-off done in true L. If you’ve ever driven past them on the 10, chances are you were like, “WTF is that??

Read on for a look at a desert lovin’ road trip as only Nasty Gals know how…The best part of living in L. We set off from Los Feliz at the crack of 10 am with a car full of caffeine, a dope playlist, and literally next to nothing on, since the desert was topping off at a solid 112 degrees..