Here's the only conclusion I can draw about Tony Lucca and Christina Aguilera.Back in the golden age of the Mickey Mouse Club days, she passed him a note that asked him whether he liked her, and he circled no, perhaps added a gratuitous "you stink," and threw it back in her face.

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Now, what do you do if you’ve caught red-handed cheating on your girlfriend? Sure it would be so much easier if you can deny it, or if you can actually put the blame on someone else. It’s simply adding insult to injury; it would only make you seem disrespectful; that, and that you think she’s an idiot to believe your stupid, obvious lie. Come out clean; people with no skeletons in the closet sleep better. She might actually slap you, or throw stuff at you – all that depending on how good or bad she is at anger management.

That, and the fact that you’d only make it worse if she hears all the other stuff from other people (some of which are likely to end up fabricated) that will be so much harder to explain. Understand that this isn’t about you, and listen to her rants. Don’t say anything when she’s ranting, don’t even defend yourself because you don’t have that privilege at the moment. Remember the rules in apologizing properly: ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I won’t do it again’, and ‘what can I do to make things better? But of course, none of this would be at all significant if you miss out on being sincere in every level of this apology. Yes, there’s nothing else you can do other than wait for what she has to say about it.

Let her rant all she wants because she deserves anything that will have her release her anger. It would go off worse if she tries to feign or hide her real emotions. The decision is definitely in her hands and no one else’s. And if she needs time to decide about your fate, give her exactly that.

And while waiting, don’t dare get into another cheating stunt!

the lyrical connotation towards woman was a little derogatory." Adam shot back that the song is about "life getting at you." Tony just gritted his teeth and took it. Christina burst into tears, which is exactly what I would have done if I'd just torched a path through a party, clinging to my new boyfriend and snapping at my old one.

Just sayin.' You know what, maybe I'm overreacting.

Maybe she just really hates the b-word (you know, except when she's screaming it in the chorus of her song "Keeps Getting Better") and really loves tea and--oh. As Tony was pointedly thanking all four judges after his last performance, s Here's the thing: my distaste for Christina's attitude makes me want to vote for Tony just 'cause. Which means her continuous slow roast of the guy could end up vaulting him into the winner's circle.

So, what do you do when you’ve been caught red-handed, doing something awful? Do you dare turn the tables around and justify the mistake in the hopes of escaping it?

Or do you humbly admit that you are at fault and apologize, moreover, accept the consequences of your action?