These struggles include trouble finding and keeping jobs, keeping his grades up, and dealing with personal issues from his childhood.In the past six months, he has gotten his grades up past anyone’s expectations. And he’s learning to work through events that have happened in his childhood and understands they do not define his future. He is still in undergrad and by the time I get my master’s, he will get his bachelor’s.I also got a promotion at my job I’ve had for four years.

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But for the majority of your relationship, you were much more than someone to lean on during tough times – you were a crutch.

It sounds like for at least two years, you were your boyfriend’s motivator and nurturer.

When he couldn’t keep a job or get good grades, you served as the push he needed to get back on track.

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Today’s letter is answered by freelance writer, Rachel East, AKA Regina Rey. During those two years, my boyfriend has had a few struggles, which I have helped him through.

Once I did, he said he thinks I should start seeing someone else.

I should go on dates with other people and that I need to get over him because he can’t give me what I need. — Good Enough for Him Being in a relationship means sometimes, you’re the shoulder that your partner leans on.