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These targeted strategies empower families within the African American Community to maintain strong family units.

Mission The mission of AAHMI is to promote and strengthen the institution of healthy marriage in the African American community.

We have partnered with national, civic and community organizations to develop a strategy directed toward increasing child well-being and strengthening families by promoting healthy marriages.

Executive Leadership The AAHMI executive leadership is comprised of key leaders from the Administration for Children and Families.

They each have played a pivotal role in developing the vision of AAHMI.

Our executive team consists of Partners Our partners have played a major role in AAHMI, since our first Roundtable, held in August 2003.

During Roundtable discussions, our partners and leadership charged participants to break new ground by defining ideas to assist African Americans who choose marriage for themselves, to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to form and sustain healthy marriages.

This productive dialog helped develop the strategies behind the regional forums.

Our partners include: Resources Use the Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Map to find a program in your area.